Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mad as Hell

Well, I haven't made as many pots this summer as in previous summers, but art remains in my soul. This acrylic that I painted over 25 years ago finally got shown in a retrospective show I had at the -- get this -- Socorro Chamber of Commerce. Hey, lots of people saw pots and paintings, a few even sold. This one ("Mad as Hell") turned out to have what I might call a cult following: women. Men didn't seem to relate to the title ("Mad? I don't get it") but clearly women express (or don't express) anger the same way men do. Big surprise.

The upshot of this interest has been that this painting, which is Not For Sale (I had given it as a gift to my mother, & got it back again after her death), is now my entry project in the world of giclee printing. I hope to have a few initial prints for sale by Christmas. Getting the above image off the canvas and into digital format was the first step. It looks good to me, but now I need to see how it looks on canvas. If it's not "close enough" I will have to go back to the virtual drawing board... stay tuned.

Meanwhile my pottery has found a reliable wholesale buyer, and that's nice. More blogging later this winter, when I will shut the shop. After the "Second Annual Art Studio Tour" on November 22, 2008, that is.